Marathoner, UX Designer, Magic: the Gathering and Star Wars nerd.

As a User Experience Designer at The MathWorks, I focus on designing solutions that change how engineers, scientists and students engage with the world-changing power of MATLAB. With a diverse background in advertising and technology, I enjoy developing solutions that are as innovative as they are compelling.

Prior to joining The MathWorks, I served as a Senior UX Designer at EnerNOC, Mullen and Runkeeper. In leading UX and creative efforts at these organizations, I have designed everything from energy sustainability to various projects and campaigns for brands and clients.

When not in the office, you can find me running along the Boston marathon course, playing in local Magic tournaments or planning my next travel adventure.
Here are a few of the brands I’ve been working with over the years and some samples of what I’ve done with each:



To see more, give me a shout or check out my linkedin page.