miCoach Elite

Adidas wanted an app designed for professional soccer teams for coaching and training. The goal was for coaches and trainers to have access to real-time data of their players out on the pitch, to make more informed decisions. The app takes real-time data from sensors on players and relays that data to iPads.


athlete_sketchThe team collaborated a great deal during the sketching phase. We knew what data would be available to us, but how best present it to be consumed in real-time was a challenge. This is when decisions such as a side-based navigation were made, as well as some of the marker options for this view based on some early feedback from a few trainers.


athlete_wf2While developing the wireframes, this was a time when I really began to focus on the specifics of how all of the app interactions would look and behave. From the various data visualizations, to alerts and switching between different areas of the application.


athlete_comp1 Ultimately, where we landed was an application that felt distinctly like an Adidas product, that accomplished it’s goal of allowing coaches and trainers to make better decisions on the pitch in real-time.