America’s Backbone

U.S. Cellular is a wireless provider with a deep commitment to customer service and supporting the everyday American. Feeling very strongly that small businesses are the backbone of America, they decided to create a website that was dedicated to their needs. The site would provide a window into the services and offerings of U.S. Cellular small business packages, as well as provide content to assist in small business operations.


usc_ab_ecoThe first step in presenting our client work at Mullen was often to ensure that it was clear how the website or application fit into the overall campaign and brand ecosystem. It was also important, since this site would have secondary KPIs of lead generation, how that fit into the picture.


usc_ab_wf1When wireframing the experience, the biggest thing we had to keep in mind was the flexibility of the content. The site contained articles, polls, videos, and case studies. Additionally, we had to ensure the client had a great degree of control over when and where they could insert more specific promotional content for the purpose of sales.


usc_ab_wf2The site also had to be responsive, as the U.S. Cellular target for small businesses and small business owners often found themselves on-the-go, in industries such as construction, healthcare, food services, and retail.