Team Challenges

As a member of the Runkeeper Brand Partnerships Team, we launched a major initiative to expand the platform of Challenges to include the ability to join a Challenge as a team. This would allow users to participate in a community driven experience, where their selections and activity culminate in a winner.


rk_tc_sketch01For my first series of sketches, I wanted to think about the types of information we would want to display. A key component to Runkeeper challenges is the incentives, and your progress towards them, so we knew that would be key.


rk_tc_expired01When I began wireframing the proposed elements, the team started to have more detailed conversations about what ‘progress’ really means in the context of a team, and how the team actually could work together in an effort to win their chance at the challenge reward.


rk_tc_progresscomp01Ultimately, we arrived on a system that took into account the total amount of activity ‘pledged’ by all team members, then basing their progress based off of a percentage of ‘completeness’. While this may have been a little less fair than something like an index/weighted progress, it was a concept whose explanation was much easier for user to understand in testing.