Text What You Feel

A while back during my graduate studies,  I stumbled upon an idea. One which I have a great deal of passion for, but sadly have not currently the time nor the resources to develop and explore.

“Basically I wanted to look at the issue of electronic communication. Regardless of what people think or say, the manner in which you type, it does carry tone and inflection. Grammar and emoticons have a huge impact on how our typing is perceived. So I wanted to look into the education of this amongst people, to teach people how to have their electronic communication accurately reflect how they feel or the emotions they want to convey. For example, a friend of mine, constantly tells me, that every time I talk to her online, she can just picture me talking, because my typing style really reflects the manner in which I typically speak and I’ve become somewhat adept at communicating and projecting my personal talking style into typing. ” – Jason Grigely

[via txtwhatyoufeel.com]

The idea is relatively simple as you can see. Educate others on the impacts and possible implications involved in text-based communications. For some reason last night I had a random thought (as my thought process seems to work frequently in this manner), and while walking out of a movie theater with a friend, I turned to her and said “I know what I want to do my PhD research and dissertation on”.

Why wait?

It’s likely going to be a while before I can go back to school and work on my PhD (like 5-10 years). I launched the web site www.txtwhatyoufeel.com during my final year of my masters program. Right now it is but a mere shell of what I imagine it will someday become.

More details to follow..

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